Imaging Workflow, Patient Positioning 2D/3D

Vatech Fast Track Friday

Imaging Workflow and Patient Positioning Review @ 11AM 

Invest 1 Hour to achieve consistent image output!

Vatech Education presents a 2D and 3D patient positioning session. Workflow beginning with capture screen set up, followed by patient interaction with a 4-step stress free positioning approach.

We will review the following: 2D-panoramic and cephalometric, 3D, model capture to STL and dual scan protocol.


Image evaluation process identifying images that include inferior quality and mal positioning. 

Topics-  Patient positioning 2d3d, 3D Dual Scan protocol, 2D & 3D Image Quality Evaluation.

11:00-11:30    2D Imaging
11:30-12:00    3D/CBCT Imaging


Presented by


James Mayer

Vatech Education Team Director


Paul Citone

Education Specialist